Who is eligible to apply for a minigrant?

ASTC-member institutions in the U.S.

How many minigrants are there, and what is the award amount?

At this time, there will be up to 100 minigrants for $8,000.

How many minigrants can each institution get?

Each institution is eligible to receive one (1) minigrant.

What will you ask for on the application?

We will ask for some basic information about your institution. We will also ask for information about how you will plan your event; a brief timeline; event location and timing; intended audience; plans for marketing your event; and program budget. See the application preview.

Can our institution apply if we are already receiving creativity program funding from a for-profit donor?

Yes, you may still apply, but you must provide funder information on the application.

How will you decide who gets a minigrant?

An expert panel will review the applications and select the recipients. The review panel consists of professionals from the informal science education field.

How will the check for the minigrant be dispersed?

Funds will be disbursed in two amounts: 75% in January 2016, and 25% upon receipt of the program report (due in early August 2016).

What other important dates or deadlines are there?

  • Application webinar – October 27, 2015

  • Application deadline – November 9, 2015

  • Awardees announced – December 2015

  • Funds distributed – January 2016

  • Grantee webinar – January 2016

  • Grantee final reports due – August 2016

  • Final fund distribution – Upon receipt of final report

What kind of report do you expect?

We will send you a template and link to an online report form. We’d like a few basic things including program participant demographics, budget, program success and pitfalls, and press quality photos or videos. Please see the eligibility and requirements section for more information.

I’m a program person at my museum. Can I apply for the minigrant?

Yes, you can apply! We strongly suggest coordinating with your development or grant department to ensure your institution can fulfill all the grant requirements. If you receive an award, we will ask for the signature of someone who is responsible for contracts at your institution. You will have to ensure that the correct person is aware of this program, and is able to co-sign the expectations form with I you.

How can the minigrant funds be used?

The funds must be used specifically to support and promote your program as detailed in your application. Funds may be used to purchase supplies and materials, staffing, transportation, and to support youth in need. We recommend that the majority of the funds go toward support for your program. Funding must be used by the end of July 2016. You must submit a written request to us in advance if you wish to change the purpose of the grant or if the funds are not expended within the allotted grant period.

Why do I need to submit an expectations form?

The expectations form ensures that both you and the contractual representative from your institution know the parameters around the use of funding to support your program and bind you to fulfill the program requirements. Additionally, it lets us know to whom we should send the check!

Can the program be for an existing or a new program/event?

You can use the minigrant to support existing or new programming.

What will be the staff time commitment?

That depends on your program. You can determine the staff commitment based upon the program/project you decide to do.

What will happen to the data that ASTC collects?

The data from each minigrant recipient will be consolidated to create a report to the funder about the national reach of the program and the numbers of children and youth served and hours of programming provided. The report will be made available on the Creativity Garden website and through the ASTC website.

How can I find out more information about the Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC) report?

Click here for a link to the CCC report.